Oxfordshire family overcome by cleaning product fumes

A family was overcome by chemical fumes and had to be rescued by firefighters after two cleaning products were mixed together at an Oxfordshire home.

Crews were called to a house in Clare, near Watlington, on Tuesday afternoon.

The house was cordoned off and two adults and a child were taken to hospital.

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service said two cleaning products, including a drain unblocker, had been mixed together creating chlorine gas.

'Very toxic'

Crews wore specialist equipment and breathing apparatus to clear up the chemicals.

Incident Commander and station manager Gary D'Anger said: "The occupants had been using a chemical drain blocker and mixed this with a cleaning product to cleanse a waste pipe.

"These two chemicals produced a very toxic chlorine gas which caused the occupiers breathing difficulties.

"Very toxic chemicals and gases can be produced by mixing different cleaning products together which can cause very serious and sometime permanent injuries.

"Always follow the instructions on the bottle and never mix cleaning products".

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