Oxford sees 'first' park and ride electric hybrid buses

The Oxford Bus Company claims it will be the first park and ride operator in the UK to run green electric hybrid buses.

It is replacing its current fleet with 17 double deckers at a cost of £5.1m.

Managing director Philip Kirk said: "If people travel in one of the new buses they are making a major contribution to the city's environment."

The new fleet enters service over the next few days.

It will operate on Oxford's three park and ride routes, the 300, 400 and 500.

The government supplied £1.3m of the costs through its Green Bus Fund.

Mr Kirk said: "Central Oxford is due to have a Euro 5-minimum Low Emission Zone for Oxides of Nitrogen from 2013 and we are keen that our vehicles are as clean as they can possibly be.

"With the introduction of these hybrid buses, 86% of our bus fleet now meets that criterion."

The Oxford Bus Company says it experimented with the country's first Park and Ride service in 1964.

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