National Trust house Greys Court needs vintage fabric

image captionLady Brunner is shown in this portrait working on a quilt that is now missing

An appeal for donations of vintage 20th-century fabric has been made to help the National Trust create a quilt.

A team of volunteers at Greys Court, near Henley, Oxfordshire, aims to make one in honour of Lady Elizabeth Brunner, who used to own the house.

They want to re-create the quilt Lady Brunner is seen sewing in a family portrait.

The original quilt, made by the former national chairman of the Women's Institute (WI), has gone missing.

Greys Court steward, Laura Gangadeen, said the team's project was a good way to recycle old fabrics which visitors will then enjoy.

"We are asking everybody to have a look in their bottom drawers, airing cupboards and attics for any mid-20th-Century cotton fabric; no off-cut is too small, or roll too big, " Ms Gangadeen said.

Although the quilt is no longer at the house, there are other examples of Lady Brunner's work to be seen, including two patchwork cushions in her bedroom.

Lady Brunner was chairman of the WI from 1951 to 1956, during which time she founded the Keep Britain Tidy group.

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