Banbury evening parking charges could be scrapped

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Plans to scrap evening parking charges in Banbury have been made only three months after they were introduced.

But Cherwell District Council is to extend daytime charges in the town from 1800 to 1900.

Charges in Bicester town centre will be reduced by 10p an hour to compensate shoppers and traders for the inconvenience of redevelopment work.

Keiron Mallon, from the council, said feedback from traders had prompted the changes.

He said: "I shop in Banbury every other day of the week. I use the pubs, the clubs, the restaurants and the shops.

"I've listened to the traders and all that has been fed back into the mill.

"If local councillors aren't there to support local people and local trade, what are we there for?"

'Wasn't fair'

Recommendations include blue badge holders being able to park in designated disabled bays free of charge and a ten minute "grace period" for all drivers without purchasing a ticket.

Fines will be discounted 50% when paid within 14 days and administration fees will be dropped.

Annika Theilgaard, from Banbury, was fined £80 when fees came in to force in April.

She said: "I think it would have put a lot of people off going out to eat in the evening and going to the cinema. People weren't used to it, it wasn't fair to have to pay."

If approved, the new rules could be put into force by Christmas 2011.

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