Haydan O'Callaghan guilty of Aaron Buron's murder

Haydan O'Callaghan
Image caption O'Callaghan made an offensive gesture towards his victim's family when the verdict was read out

An 18-year-old man has been found guilty of murdering a musician in Oxford.

Haydan O'Callaghan stabbed hip-hop artist Aaron Buron, 29, when he stepped in to stop a fight between the younger man and his girlfriend on 31 March.

O'Callaghan of Saunders Road, Oxford, had pleaded guilty to manslaughter at Oxford Crown Court.

But when the murder verdict was read out he made an offensive gesture towards Mr Buron's family.

He also mimed shooting them with his fingers after they applauded the verdict.

Mr Buron's mother Eden said she was relieved by the verdict and it was now up to God to decide how to deal with O'Callaghan.

She added: "I place him in God's hand and I let God deal with him, it's not for me to deal with him."

The court had previously heard how Mr Buron had been killed following a series of events that took place at the home of his girlfriend Lisa Harris, in St Martin's Road in the Rose Hill area of the city.

Piece of wood

Image caption Aaron Buron was stabbed in Oxford in March

During the tussle, Mr Buron attempted to get Mr O'Callaghan into a headlock to stop him attacking Latasha Peck, the 18-year-old's girlfriend, and both men were seen to bite each other.

Mr O'Callaghan managed to retrieve a knife from a draining board in the kitchen and gave chase.

Mr Buron, armed with a piece of wood, backed away and was then stabbed, the court heard.

"[He] fell quickly to the floor and had the handle of a knife protruding clearly from his chest," Mr Acheson, prosecuting had said.

Mr Buron was taken to the John Radcliffe Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

O'Callaghan will be sentenced on Monday.

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