Oxfordshire farmer drives burning tractor to safety

A farmer has been praised for driving his burning tractor away from village homes in Oxfordshire.

John Malins drove the blazing tractor and trailer to a side road in Tusmore Lane, Souldern, away from the main road and nearby properties.

Fire crews said he deserved praise for "quick thinking and his selflessness in the way he kept driving his tractor whilst it was still on fire".

Crews from three stations put out the blaze on Wednesday.

The vehicle was "well alight" when Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue arrived at the scene.

But crew manager Simon Piper said: "We would always advise that at the first sign of fire that drivers would get out of the vehicle, stand well back in a place of safety and call the emergency services."

Two crews from Oxford, including an environmental protection unit, cleaned up "contamination" following the fire.

About 80 litres (17.6 gallons) of diesel and other engine oils had spilled over the area.

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