Transformers' Blenheim Palace 'Nazi' scenes defended

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The Transformers director has responded to criticism

A film director has defended turning Winston Churchill's Blenheim Palace birthplace into a "Nazi HQ" for the next Transformers film.

Michael Bay said the World War Two prime minister is a "big hero" in the upcoming fifth entry of the series.

The Sun newspaper reported "fury" from veterans after huge Nazi flags were draped across the stately home in Oxfordshire this week.

But Mr Bay said: "I would do nothing to disrespect veterans."

'Churchill would be smiling'

Speaking exclusively to the BBC while filming scenes for Transformers: The Last Knight in Oxford, he added: "People have not been fortunate enough to read the script and they don't know that Churchill in this movie is a big hero.

"Churchill would be smiling.

"When you see the movie you'll understand."

Filming for the movie, which stars Mark Walberg and Anthony Hopkins, will also take place in Oxford's Radcliffe Square until 23:00 on Sunday.

It is not the first time Nazi flags have appeared in Woodstock - the town hall exterior was fitted with them during the filming of World War Two romance Hanover Street in 1979.

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Blenheim Palace, in Woodstock, was draped in huge Nazi flags