Oxfordshire's Big Picture

image copyrightMark Allison
image captionA view looking down at the boatyard from Abingdon Bridge.
image copyrightCliff Kinch
image captionA mute swan at Sourlands Pool, Farnborough Hall, near Banbury
image copyrightAnthony Morris
image captionA sunny day at Wittenham Clumps.
image copyrightAnthony Morris
image captionA butterfly landing on thistle, also snapped at the Wittenham Clumps.
image copyrightLeigh Guyatt
image captionThe evening sky at the Howe in Wheatley.
image copyrightBecca Collacott
image captionUnder a bridge in Godstow.
image copyrightTim Turan
image captionLate evening sun turning the wheat gold in Eynsham.

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