Five things in Oxfordshire


Here are five stories from Oxfordshire which people have been clicking on this week.

1) Around the world in Lego

media captionWonders of the World in Lego go on display in Banbury

Lego models of the Wonders of the World are going on display at Banbury Museum.

Brick Wonders, the touring exhibition by Warren Elsmore, runs from 16 September until 18 November.

"Everything we do, you could go home and you could have a go at doing yourself," he says of his impressive creations.

2) Plan to save 'finest view in England'

image copyrightBlenheim Palace
image captionThe view of Queen Pool and Blenheim Lake was called the "finest view in England"

A multi-million-pound plan has been announced to protect a view at Blenheim Palace that was once described as the "finest in England".

The stately home will be removing 400,000 tonnes of silt from two lakes to protect a Grade I-listed bridge.

The view of the lakes and bridge was once described as the finest in England by Lord Randolph Churchill (father of the great wartime leader).

But Blenheim Palace said both lakes are now so shallow they risk drying out, which would threaten the Vanbrugh bridge.

3) Ancient manuscript has earliest zero

image copyrightBodleian Library
image captionReading from right to left the small dot zero is the seventh character at the bottom right of the manuscript

Carbon dating shows an ancient Indian manuscript has the earliest recorded origin of the zero symbol.

The Bakhshali manuscript is now believed to date from the 3rd or 4th Century, making it hundreds of years older than previously thought.

It means the document, held in Oxford, has an earlier zero symbol than a temple in Gwailor, India.

The finding is of "vital importance" to the history of mathematics, Richard Ovenden from Bodleian Libraries said.

4) Where is the best place to be a woman in Britain?

image captionWest and south Oxfordshire made the list's Top 5

According to research for BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour, East Dunbartonshire is the best place to live in Britain if you are a woman, but west and south Oxfordshire also made the list's top five.

The National Centre for Social Research analysis factored in issues such as the gender pay gap and education.

It used data from a number of sources, including the Office for National statistics' 2016 Annual Population Survey and the 2011 Census.

South Oxfordshire was the best place for women to grow old, boasting low female mortality, a low crime rate and fewer women living alone.

5) Rubber duck protest road resurfaced

image copyrightHelen Wright
image captionResidents believe they "made enough noise" to get the council to resurface the road

Potholes have been repaired on a village road where residents used more than 100 rubber ducks to protest against its poor condition.

Villagers in Steeple Aston, Oxfordshire, placed a flotilla of the bath-time toys in rain-filled holes in the road to highlight the issue in May.

They had accused officials of "ducking the issue", but are no longer spitting feathers.

Oxfordshire County Council said: "We are glad that we are now at the stage where the work is being done and the residents are pleased."

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