Five things in Oxfordshire

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Here are five stories from Oxfordshire that people have been clicking on this week.

1) Oxford cable car plan wins support

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Cable cars could help tackle congestion, the Green Party suggested

Could cable cars over Oxford become a familiar sight?

Green councillor Dick Wolff said they would tackle congestion, be cheaper than trams, and could take people to the John Radcliffe Hospital.

The idea has received backing from Oxfordshire County Council leader Ian Hudspeth, who said he was after new ideas, even if they might seem "off the wall".

2) Anti-Brexit bus 'banned' from parking 'due to safety'

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The bus tour has been organised by the "Is it worth it?" campaign

Oxfordshire County Council has issued a new explanation for why it is stopping an anti-Brexit bus from parking in a street in Oxford.

It was accused of preventing free speech after it said no to a request for the "Brexit Facts Bus" to park in Broad Street.

On Wednesday it said the decision was taken because it "cannot permit political advertising on the highway".

But on Thursday it said the original reason given "was wrong and it has been reviewed following legal advice" and that it was because of "traffic management and safety".

3) Baby Belle, the hand-reared rhino

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The birth of a white rhino in captivity is rare

A white rhino that was hand reared after needing treatment for an injured leg has been reunited with its mother.

Belle is Cotswold Wildlife Park's first hand-reared white rhino calf.

A team of rhino keepers was with her 24-hours-a-day until she could be reintroduced to her mother Nancy.

4) Anger over Isabel Oakeshott disabled parking tweet

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Isabel Oakeshott posted the picture of disabled spaces at Oxford Parkway on Twitter

A tweet by journalist Isabel Oakeshott taking aim at the number of disabled parking spaces at a train station has sparked anger on social media.

She posted the picture of empty blue badge bays at Oxford Parkway along with the message "a triumph of political correctness over common sense".

Ms Oakeshott said the spaces were disproportionate, "unless the Paralympics are coming to Oxford".

In reply many users highlighted the number of spaces for all drivers.

5) Suitcase full of potatoes left on Oxford bus

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Jade Dixon said the company collected "a lot of unusual items"

Suitcases containing potatoes, adult toys, and mannequin heads were left behind on buses in Oxford in 2017.

The Oxford Bus Company's lost property department said 4,123 items were left on its services over the year.

Most items were never reclaimed - only 964 were collected by passengers.

Lost property included a monocle, ski sticks, a Soviet Union hat, false teeth and a dog skeleton Halloween costume.