Tombstoning: Man suffers life changing injuries in Weymouth

air ambulance Image copyright Wyke Regis Coastguard
Image caption Weymouth Sands had to be cleared so the air ambulance could reach the casuality

A man has suffered life changing injuries after tombstoning in Weymouth Sands, as the coastguard warns of the activity's risk.

Wyke Regis coastguard received calls at 18:30 BST on Saturday of an unconscious man pulled from the water near the Pavilion.

The air ambulance took the casualty to hospital where he is being treated for spinal injuries.

The man had dived from the harbour wall adjacent to the Weymouth Pavilion.

Wyke Regis CRT said jumping from any height into water "can and does end with individuals sustaining life changing injuries or worse".

They also asked the public to "enjoy the weather sensibly."

What is Tombstoning?

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Campaigners say tombstoning is especially dangerous because of hidden underwater objects
  • The activity involves jumping off cliffs, piers, or harbour walls into water
  • More than 22 people have died "tombstoning" in the 10 years
  • Dangers are increased with tide depths changing and objects hidden beneath the surface move constantly
  • Tombstoning is currently legal, but bylaws have been created on some bridges to prevent jumping

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