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National Action trial: 'Neo-Nazi couple had crossbow near crib'

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image captionAdam Thomas and Claudia Patatas gave their child the middle name Adolf, the trial has heard

A couple accused of being in a banned British neo-Nazi group kept machetes, crossbows and other weaponry at home, a court has heard.

Prosecutors say Adam Thomas, 22, and Claudia Patatas, 38, also had a greetings card which featured Ku Klux Klan figures and read "May all your Christmases be white".

The pair are charged alongside Daniel Bogunovic, 27, with being members of banned group National Action.

All three deny being in the group.

Birmingham Crown Court heard that the Oxfordshire couple, who named their child after Adolf Hitler, had two machetes, one with a serrated 18in (46cm) blade, in the bedroom where their baby son slept.

A police search of their home in January also found one of two crossbows just a few feet from the baby's crib, the jury was told.

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image captionMs Patatas sent offensive messages on WhatsApp, the court has heard

It was said officers also found an axe under their bed, a makeshift target range in the back garden and old clothes with holes in made by crossbow bolts.

Also found was a Nazi dagger bearing the Swastika, a pastry cutter shaped like a Swastika in a kitchen drawer, as well as pendants, flags and clothing emblazoned with symbols of the Nazi-era SS and National Action.

Jurors were also told the couple had a photograph of their infant son in his crib next to a cushion bearing the Nazi party symbol, and another of Mr Thomas in camouflage gear and a mask, brandishing a machete at home.

'Molotov cocktails'

Barnaby Jameson QC, prosecuting, said: "Why, members of the jury, was there such an extensive degree of weaponry in this particular house and in this case the parental bedroom?

"Why is it these clothes appear to be covered in holes made by crossbow bolts?

"Why was it necessary for anybody in the garden of the address to be firing a crossbow and crossbow bolts into the clothes you've seen?"

The jury was also told a digital copy of The Anarchist Cookbook was found, containing chapters headed "Making plastic explosive", "Letter bombs", and "Molotov cocktails".

Press cuttings in the lounge related to far-right mass-murderer Anders Breivik, it was said.

Meanwhile, Mr Bogunovic had a large number of stickers and images relating to National Action at his address, and a Nazi flag in his bedroom, the court heard.

Ms Patatas and Mr Thomas, both of Waltham Gardens, Banbury, and Bogunovic, of Crowns Hills Rise, Leicester deny being members of a banned group.

Mr Thomas further denies a separate charge of having The Anarchist Cookbook.

The trial continues.

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