Five things from Oxfordshire

Here are five stories from Oxfordshire which have been attracting attention this week.

1. Keeping fit when you are in a wheelchair

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Media captionKeeping fit with spina bifida

Amelia Taylor-Ash has spina bifida and has always struggled keeping fit and keeping her weight down.

Now she trains at the gym with personal trainer Joe and isn't looking back.

2. Oxford students call for kosher meat ban

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Image caption The college said it would look at ways of expanding its halal and kosher offering

An Oxford University college is considering a request from students to ban certain kinds of halal and kosher meat from its dining hall.

Somerville College's Junior Common Room (JCR) passed a motion that any animals on the menu should be stunned before being killed.

Jewish students have raised concerns because kosher meat should not be pre-stunned.

3. New signs to stop wrong-way M40 drivers

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Image caption A car was spotted driving the wrong way between junctions 6 and 7

Signs will be installed at the entrance to a motorway after two drivers joined in the wrong direction, one causing a crash that killed three people.

On Monday an elderly woman was seen travelling south on the northbound carriageway of the M40 near Wheatley.

In October an SUV towing a caravan had a fatal head-on collision with a Ford Mondeo on the same stretch of road.

4. The campaigner made to diet at seven

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Media captionThe body-positive campaigner made to diet at seven

Esther Field, from Oxford, was first put on a diet when she was seven.

Later she developed an eating disorder.

Now she campaigns for body positivity and helps others learn to love themselves - no matter their size.

5. Police officer 'abused position for sex'

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Image caption PC Alan Russell was based at Abingdon Police Station

A "predatory" police officer accused of sexual activity with a suspect has been found guilty of gross misconduct.

A disciplinary panel at Thames Valley Police's Kidlington headquarters said Alan Russell abused his position to target a "vulnerable" woman.

The panel also found the PC had sex with another officer while on duty.

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