Five things from Oxfordshire

Here are five stories from Oxfordshire which have been attracting attention this week.

1. Posthumous degree for rucksack heart woman

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Media caption'I carry my heart in a rucksack'

An Oxford University student who had to carry an artificial heart in a rucksack after her own was removed has been awarded her master's degree posthumously.

Rebecca Henderson, 24, from Bicester, died in February from transplant complications.

She was one of only two people in the UK with an artificial heart.

Mum Linda Henderson said she cried when she heard Rebecca had been awarded the degree.

2. Jack Letts 'told parents about IS beheading wish'

Image caption Jack Letts, from Oxford, travelled to Syria in 2014

This week we've been following the trial of the parents of Jack Letts, who travelled to Syria in 2014 raising fears he had joined Islamic State.

The Old Bailey heard John Letts and Sally Lane, of Chilswell Road, Oxford, sent or tried to send more than £1,700 to their son despite warnings not to.

They did so after he talked about wanting to decapitate an old school friend, jurors were told, and he also had obsessive compulsive disorder that which led him to lose focus at school.

Prosecutor Alison Morgan QC told the jury there was no suggestion his parents themselves supported terrorism.

3. Oxford 'could run out of graves by 2021'

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Image caption Wolvercote Cemetery in Oxford has no more vacant grave plots

Oxford City Council has warned it could run out of places to bury people by 2021.

Only one of the city's four cemeteries has available plots, and the authority has now decided to reclaim unused space in existing grave plots.

On Wednesday the council voted in favour of grave reclamation, where it has a right to re-bury in a grave but not to disturb existing human remains.

Grave diggers are now able to dig up to 6ins above any existing remains and use the space as another burial plot.

4. 'I'm doing Ramadan to support my friend'

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Media caption'I'm doing Ramadan to support my friend'

Teenage friends Oscar and Kayan, from Kidlington, have been "friends since they can remember".

Now, to support his best friend and despite not being Muslim, 15-year-old Oscar is doing Ramadan.

5. Amputee Thames Valley PC completes triathlon

Image caption PC Dorman took part in the Arctic One triathlon for charity

A police officer has completed a triathlon less than a year after his leg was amputated following a crash.

PC Tom Dorman, from Banbury, was severely injured and needed four operations when his parked vehicle was hit by a car in September.

The officer asked members of the public to put a tourniquet on his leg to prevent him from bleeding to death.

He said his injury had given him a "drive to prove to the world that I can be just as good as anyone else".

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