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Blenheim Palace Image copyright Anthony Morris
Image caption It was so sunny in the gardens of Blenheim Palace that tourists had to take to under their umbrellas to escape the rays
Blenheim Palace Image copyright Anthony Morris
Image caption Some residents had a bit too much on show in order to deal with the heat
Abingdon Image copyright Becca Collacott
Image caption Others will be happy for the shade during the Oxfordshire heat wave, a bit like the residents of this street in Abingdon
Baldon Hill from Blewburton Hill Image copyright Hedley Thorne
Image caption Although the weather might be hot and clammy, it has leant itself to some incredible sunsets. Here's Baldon Hill in fading light
Sunset in Eynsham Image copyright Tim Turan
Image caption Red sky at night, Eynsham's alright
Cowley Road Carnival Image copyright Anthony Morris
Image caption Revellers enjoyed the equally scorching weather during the Cowley Road Carnival earlier this month
Cowley Road Carnival Image copyright Cathy Harris
Image caption Some took to the rooftops to get a better view of the festivities

How to submit a picture

If you have a great image of the county send it to us by email to oxfordshire@bbc.co.uk.

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Please note that whilst we welcome all your pictures, we are more likely to use those which have been taken in the past week.

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