Thief returns Shropshire music teacher's instruments

A guilt-ridden thief has returned a Shropshire music teacher's instruments with a hand-written apology note.

Phil Page, 50, from Madeley, left a Yamaha keyboard, an amplifier, metallic glockenspiel and two melodicas in a car parked on his driveway on Thursday.

He discovered on Friday it had been broken into and he was unable to work.

His wife Yvette said police came to the house at 0100 GMT on Saturday to say it had been reported that the keyboard and melodicas had been returned to them.

Pupil exams

District nurse Mrs Page said: "I was up feeding our guinea pig, which wasn't very well, when I heard a knock on the door.

"I thought who on earth could this be at this time of night.

"It was a police officer who said they had had reports that the stolen instruments had been returned, and there they were beside the car, undamaged.

"The police said they had never known anything like it before, not only to return the instruments but to report to police that he had returned them too, it was very strange."

Mrs Page said the note was written in black pen and read: 'I know this won't make things all right but these belong to you I think.'

Her husband is employed by Walsall Music Services, and was unable to go to work on Friday without his instruments.

The family had never had any problems with crime on their estate before and left the instruments in the boot of the car because they were heavy to carry, Mrs Page said.

"We are just so grateful the instruments have been returned because the pupils are taking their London College of Music exams and they need their lessons," she added.

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