Competition hope for Shropshire pub-in-shed man

A football fan from Shropshire who converted his shed into a mock pub for the 2010 World Cup said he hoped to win a garden shed of the year competition.

Jamie Pearce, from Shawbury, installed satellite TV and a beer fridge in his garden shed so he did not monopolise the sitting room TV.

The father-of-two said it was still handy because his daughters could now watch cartoons while he watched sports.

His is one of about 200 pub-sheds in the Readersheds national contest.

It is equipped with a fruit machine, darts board and beer taps for show, to give it an "authentic feel".

'My amazement'

Mr Pearce, a Shrewsbury Town and Liverpool Football Club supporter, who works in highway construction, said: "I've got two young girls, they like to have the cartoons on and it was a bit unfair for me to always expect them to sit through football and boxing, so I decided to put a TV in the shed.

"One thing led to another, I decided to have a few cans in here with the lads and it just went from there really.

"It was when I was searching for bits and pieces online that I discovered the Readersheds competition. To my amazement there were hundreds of sheds doing the same thing."

The closing date for the Readersheds Shed of the Year 2011 competition is 16 May and is open to anyone in the UK.

First prize is £1,000, while runners up will win other gifts.

"My wife [Claire] thinks I'm as mad as a hatter, but she loves it and she comes in for a gin and tonic on a nice day and my eldest daughter is old enough to come in for a fruit juice," Mr Pearce said.

'Fun hobby'

The shed idea has proved so successful with his family he has given his daughters their own shed next to his, filled with dolls and teddy bears.

He decorated the shed with reclaimed items or stock from auctions for about £500.

"The way I see, it, it's all light-hearted fun, it's just a hobby.

"Obviously the price of beer in a normal pub these days has a certain impact on your wallet, so if you can have a few cans and feel like a pub, I think you've achieved something there and you don't need to get a babysitter either."

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