Shropshire police in crackdown on scrap metal thefts

Police in Shrewsbury have arrested two men as part of a crackdown on scrap metal thefts.

Officers from West Mercia and West Midlands Police executed a warrant at a Shrewsbury scrapyard and at a premises connected with the business nearby.

A man in his 40s was arrested at the scrapyard by West Mercia officers on suspicion of theft.

A second man in his 60s was arrested by West Midlands officers at the second address.

A police spokesman said he had been arrested in connection with an investigation into the theft of metal from the Kingswinford area.

'Enough is enough'

Both were being interviewed at Shrewsbury Police Station on Thursday.

Det Ch Insp Alan Edwards said both the police and law-abiding citizens in Shropshire had "had enough" of the misery people stealing metals such as lead and copper were causing.

"Enough is enough and we are not prepared to tolerate those people nicking lead off roofs or copper from heating systems, stopping our children going to school or congregations attending church because of leaks and other damage," he said.

"These people are selling the stuff on somewhere so in addition to stopping any vehicle we see carrying scrap to make sure it has the correct licence and insurance, we will be making regular stop checks at scrap metal merchants across the county.

"The vast majority of these businesses are well run and honest but the metal is being sold somewhere and it is those people we want to weed out."

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