Homecoming party held for Hodnet soldier

A homecoming party has been taking place in Shropshire for a soldier who was left brain damaged by an explosion in Afghanistan.

Cpl Simon Vaughan, from Hodnet, was injured in 2008 and is currently living at a care home in Newport after being treated in four locations.

His wife, Donna Vaughan, said the party on Saturday afternoon was also to celebrate being alive.

About 100 guests at least were due to be at the Hodnet Social Club.

Mrs Vaughan said it was his birthday on 3 May and her husband said he would like a party.

She added: "But he also wanted a homecoming party and a glad to be alive party.

"So that was the whole reason he wanted this one major, big party to celebrate being alive basically."

'Rebuild home'

Last year the family was looking to raise more than £100,000 to build a new home to cater for Cpl Vaughan's needs.

Mrs Vaughan said ahead of the party that there was more time to enjoy as a family now that he was back in Shropshire.

She said: "We obviously bought a bungalow for Simon to come home to.

"Then what we had to do is knock it down, restart all over again, rebuild it.

"So we're looking at the end of June and then we can get him home properly...

"A lot of people have helped with donations, really gratefully received."

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