Telford MP David Wright gives support to local TV plan

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Telford's Labour MP, David Wright, is backing government plans to introduce local TV stations across Britain.

He told BBC One's Politics Show it would be a real opportunity for people to engage with members of parliament and their local authorities.

The Conservative MP for South Staffordshire, Gavin Williamson said it would be "a fantastic platform for local politics and local issues".

Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, hopes it will start in 2012.

The prospect of a local TV station was also supported by Daniel Cass, the chief executive of Six TV which has stations in Oxford, Reading and Southampton.

He said it was an ideal advertising opportunity for local businesses.

Engage other media

David Wright thought the idea was well supported.

"I don't think there's a lot of political disagreement on this. I think it would be a real opportunity for people to engage with their members of parliament and their local authorities on a whole range of issues," he said.

He welcomed the opportunity for other media to enter the TV market and pointed out that the Shropshire Star newspaper already featured video news on its website.

Mr Williamson supported the use of £25m of BBC licence payers money being used to help set up the local TV.

"I think we want to see diversity so a local station in Shropshire serving Shropshire may feel very different to a station elsewhere in the region," he said.

Mr Wright praised a BBC local TV pilot which ran in Shropshire in 2005.

"It was really good. You could tune in at a set hour and watch a segment of local news that was very specific to your area," he said.

He added that local TV would be a positive contribution to local democracy.

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