Telford sex ring 'victim is compulsive liar', court told

A witness in a sex exploitation trial in Shropshire left the stand in tears and swore at the defence barrister who suggested she was a "compulsive liar."

Seven men from Telford have denied more than 50 charges relating to sexual exploitation and child prostitution.

One of the seven alleged victim's was asked why she had retracted a claim she made six years ago in an unrelated case about her step-father raping her.

She said that was to protect her mother, but said she was not lying now.

The 19-year-old who cannot be named for legal reasons, claimed her step-father had raped her when she was 13, Stafford Crown Court heard.

'Were you there?'

When she told her mother, the allegation was reported to police.

The next day the 13-year-old said "nothing happened", defence lawyer Tayyab Khan told the court.

Mr Khan asked the witness to read out the full details of the abuse she claimed to have suffered when she was 13.

Mr Khan accused her on Wednesday of being "a compulsive liar" and said she had also told lies about his client, 23-year-old Ahdel Ali, who she said took her to have sex with two factory workers at a restaurant in Wellington.

The witness said: "Were you there? You don't know anything. He did take me to the restaurant."

'Punched him'

When asked about a separate incident in 2009 involving a middle-aged Asian man the witness began to cry and and swore at Mr Khan as she left the stand.

When she later returned, the girl said she had punched the man when he "tried to put his hand up my mate's top."

The defence lawyer said the man had been supplying the girls with alcohol but when he refused to give them any more the witness had threatened to make a rape claim against him.

The witness said: "No. I just answered that. I just said why I punched him."

Mr Khan said she was a "very wicked woman" and had invented malicious allegations.

She denied that she had made any false allegations.

The other six defendants in the trial are Noshad Hussain, 21, Mubarek Ali, 28; Mohammed Ali Sultan, 24; Tanveer Ahmed, 39; Mahroof Khan, 33; and Mohammed Islam Choudhrey, 52.

The men live in the Wellington and Sutton Hill areas of Telford and deny charges related to incidents alleged to have happened between 2007 and 2009.

The trial continues.

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