Fifty lambs die down Shropshire farm well

Almost 50 lambs have died on a farm in Shropshire after falling down a well.

A heavy stone cover had been moved from the bottle-shaped well, said Clive Taylor, of Broomcroft farm at Kenley, near Much Wenlock.

Mr Taylor described the scene as one of the most horrific he had witnessed and said the lambs seemed to have followed each other into the well.

He said the weight of the cover suggested it had been intentionally removed.

Mr Taylor said: "I was walking through the field and a ewe came over to me. You could tell her lamb was missing and she was really serious about it.

"I looked around the field and thought 'where have all my lambs gone?' There should have been 150 in the field."

He later found a stone well cover, about one metre square and four inches thick, had been slid to one side in the middle of the field.

He said the lambs, already dead, were piled on top of each other.

Mr Taylor said most of the animals had been recovered but that others could still be at the bottom, under water.

He added that yellowing grass under the cover suggested it had been removed as long as a week ago and the lambs could have followed each other over a period of days.

The well is used to supply nearby ponds. West Mercia Police and the Environment Agency have been informed.

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