Teme River fish to 'increase greatly' with pass installation

Fish pass Image copyright Teme Weirs Trust
Image caption The new fish pass will be a Larinier design, similar to the one at Horseshoe Weir on the River Teme at Ludford (pictured)

The number of fish in a Shropshire river will increase "greatly" following a £75,000 grant to an environmental charity, it has claimed.

The Severn Rivers Trust will create a fish pass on the Teme at the Mill Street weir in Ludlow.

It will increase the spawning potential for Atlantic salmon, which can currently only cross the weir in very high water flows, the trust said.

Trout, bullhead, eel, grayling and dace will also benefit from the pass.

The pass is a Larinier design, which is a set of baffles or plates on a slope shallower than that of the existing weir, meaning the fish can swim up it.

It will give fish access to a further 85km (53 miles) of river above the weir.

Chief executive Tony Bostock said it was "a fantastic opportunity to greatly increase all fish species throughout the Teme catchment".

The funding has been provided by Sita Trust, which awards grants through the Landfill Communities Fund.

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