Telford teacher asked ex-pupil for naked massage

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A teacher who asked a former pupil for a naked massage and touched her inappropriately during a school trip has been banned from the profession.

David Newton-Badman was accused of 23 incidents, 22 against one girl and one on a second former pupil, while a teacher at Phoenix Academy, Telford.

He admitted holding one girl's hand and asking the other if she wanted to "experience" an older man.

The 38-year-old was found guilty of unacceptable professional conduct.

A disciplinary panel heard "Pupil A" had been taught by Mr Newton-Badman and although she had left the school at the time of the trip, she was still under the age of 18.

She claimed that during the trip he sent her a message via social media suggesting a naked massage and "popped his head up" between her ankles while the group were swimming and made inappropriate remarks.

He admitted massaging her feet while on the trip but denied all other allegations.

'Sexually motivated'

During New Year's Eve in 2014, he messaged the former pupil "continuously" stating in one message: "hotel room, get drunk, sleep with me?" She responded by saying "he was being silly".

The panel also heard he admitted messaging inappropriate comments to "Pupil B", another former student, in June 2015.

Mr Newton-Badman said in a statement that he accepted the incidents he admitted were unprofessional and could be construed as sexually motivated, but he was "adamant" it was never his intention to cultivate a sexual relationship with Pupil A or Pupil B.

Finding the allegations proven against him, the panel said it considered his actions to be calculated.

Mr Newton-Badman, who started working at the school, now known as the Telford Langley, in 2002, is now prohibited from teaching indefinitely.

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