Five child abuse claims against dead Shropshire GP probed

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Media captionAlleged victim claims he was abused at a surgery in Whitchurch

Five allegations of historical sex abuse have been made against a Shropshire GP who died 17 years ago.

One alleged victim told the BBC he felt "dirty and embarrassed" after being regularly assaulted at a surgery in Whitchurch in the 1970s.

"Tom", not his real name, said the abuse was carried out between the ages of nine and 13 when his mother was in the room and later when he was alone.

He said he had spoken out because he wanted others to come forward.

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A second alleged victim, who also wanted to remain anonymous, said he was abused by the same GP during the same era, from the age of 13 until about 18.

He said he had buried what happened for many years believing he was responsible and only talked about it five years ago during counselling.

Image caption The story was first reported in the Whitchurch Herald

"Tom" said it had taken 40 years to talk about what happened. He said he remembered coming home from the GP's surgery feeling "dirty, embarrassed and used".

"The first time I was examined I was nine-years-old and my mother was in the room and I was taken behind a big old heavy hospital-type screen."

He said things moved on "systematically" and things got "more intense" once he was examined on his own while his mother waited outside the room.

"I didn't know any different. I thought that's how doctors are, that's what doctors do, and it was only when it stopped happening that I thought, I started to wonder," he said.

"Tom's" story first appeared in the Whitchurch Herald but he has since spoken to other people who also claim they were sexually abused by the GP.

They include boys, girls and young women, said Victoria Neale from Hudgell Solicitors.

She appealed for anyone else to come forward.

West Mercia Police said it had received five reports of non-recent sexual offences in Whitchurch and investigations were ongoing.

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