Blinds salesman says on Facebook: 'I'm not dead'

Bob the Blindman aka Bob Walker Image copyright Bob the Blindman
Image caption "Bob the Blindman", aka Bob Walker, has assured customers he is still alive

A blinds salesman known as Bob the Blindman has reassured customers he is still alive after a fellow blinds seller, also called Bob, died.

Bob Walker said there were "an awful lot of people called Bob in the blind game", leading to the confusion.

In a post on Facebook, the salesman from Merrington, Shropshire, said: "Any reports of my demise are false."

He sent condolences to the family of Bob Minshall, a blinds salesman from Bomere Heath, who died last month.

'Alive and kicking'

Mr Walker said he knew Mr Minshall "very well". "He was a good blind man," he said.

"Unfortunately, he passed away in December, and when I came back after the new year break there were three or four messages on my answer phone offering my wife their condolences for my passing," Mr Walker told BBC Radio Shropshire.

"Obviously the confusion has arisen of Bob Minshall being in the blind game and me being Bob the Blindman and the two were put together and made three."

He took to social media to "clear this up" after the wife of one of his employees asked if he was still alive.

"I can categorically state that Bob Walker, managing director of Bob the Blindman and the best known blindman called Bob in Shropshire, is alive and well," he posted.

"I do offer my condolences to the Minshall family," he said, but added: "To all my customers out there, I am still alive and kicking."

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