Shropshire family protest in London over climate change

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Adam Shipp and Jackie Jones in a sleeping bagImage source, Adam Shipp/Jackie Jones
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The family spent five days at the protests in London

A family who joined climate change protestors in London say they felt that they had no choice but to act.

Adam Shipp and Jackie Jones from Shrewsbury joined the Extinction Rebellion protest after their teenage daughter expressed her climate concerns.

Mr Shipp was arrested on Sunday after he glued himself to a road. He has been released pending further inquiries.

Critics say the protests are a waste of police time.

Jackie and daughter Zoe Jones, 23, were also arrested over the weekend and have been released while further inquiries are carried out.

More than 1,000 people have been arrested since the protests began.

The family all spent various amounts of time at the protest including Jackie Jones' 82-year-old mother.

Daughter Jazzy Shipp, 15, said: "Me being a young person and not being able to decide on my future, this is the only way that I can make a difference."

Image source, Adam Shipp
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Jackie Jones was arrested at the protests

Jackie Jones said: "I've never broken the law before...It was scary, it was uncomfortable, but I would lay down my life for my children.

"It's irresponsible of our politicians to ignore the issue of climate change.

"As we talked to them (the police) they have children too and they agreed with our worries."

Mr Shipp said: "I don't know what else I can do.

"The vast majority of the people there were just like me and you, just so concerned about the future."

It comes as protestors earlier began a march on Parliament while on Tuesday, teenage environmental activist Greta Thunberg met party leaders at the House of Commons.

Image source, Adam Shipp
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Mother Jackie Jones and daughter Zoe Jones, 23, were both arrested during the protests