Sign stolen from crash black spot in North Somerset

A road sign worth £7,000 has been stolen from a collision black spot in North Somerset.

The vehicle-activated sign was put up by North Somerset Council on a bend on the B3134 at Burrington Combe.

The sign, when illuminated, shows a bend warning sign with the message "slow down".

Councillor Elfan Ap Rees said: "It never ceases to amaze me what people will steal."

He said the scrap value of the sign, which was put up in November last year, "must be negligible".

'Live cable'

"When council officers visited the site after we got a report that it was 'missing' last Tuesday, they found no trace of the sign or the post," Mr Ap Rees said.

"All that remained was a cable which had obviously been cut and the metal bands which hold the sign to the post, which look like they have been ground off.

"As the thieves have been stupid enough to have cut through a live cable there is the added possibility they could have injured themselves.

"What I am more concerned about is the safety of the travelling public.

"This sign was put up for a specific reason and its removal could potentially put road users' safety in jeopardy.

"The sign would cost approximately £7,000 to replace and in the current financial climate it is unlikely this kind of money will become available for a replacement, so we would be grateful for any information which leads to us getting the sign back."

Avon and Somerset Police confirmed they were investigating the theft.

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