League in £1m bid to defend hunting ban on Exmoor


The League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) is planning to sell some of the land it owns on Exmoor to fund a £1m campaign to keep the hunting ban in place.

The Coalition government has promised a free vote on whether the Hunting Act should be repealed in the future.

"We want to raise £1m for our campaign and if that involves land sales we would be prepared to do that," a LACS spokesman said.

Restrictions would mean the land in Somerset could not be used for hunting.

'Waste of time'

By retaining sporting rights, the League says it will ensure hunting and shooting cannot take place on the land, whatever the outcome of the vote.

Alison Hawes, from the Countryside Alliance, said the Act "does not work" and is a "waste of police and court time".

"We're confident the Hunting Act will disappear in the future," she said.

"A responsible government will look at that legislation and get rid of it."

No date has been announced for the vote, which could come as early as September, when parliament returns from the summer recess.

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