Somerset psychiatric nurse dated 'vulnerable' patient

A psychiatric nurse has been struck off for having a relationship with a "vulnerable" patient two months after she left his care.

Timothy Hyde was working in Wells and Glastonbury at the time, the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) disciplinary panel was told.

Mr Hyde admitted he was "grossly unprofessional" after dating the woman, who had a history of self-harm.

The hearing found he conducted an inappropriate relationship.

'Trigger harm'

The panel was told Mr Hyde, 40, had arranged to meet the woman in April 2008 after chatting to her on Facebook.

He subsequently visited her house, attended the Glastonbury Festival with her and conducted a five-month sexual relationship with her.

GP Muriel Churchill, who was treating the woman, said: "I feel Mr Hyde had abused his position and broke the trust he should have had with his patient."

She added that Mr Hyde must have known how vulnerable the woman was and that if the relationship ended it might trigger her to self harm.

Mr Hyde was not at the hearing, but at a previous session he said it was "inhuman" that he had been suspended and confirmed he had told the woman words to the effect that he did not have room in his life for "someone like her" and blocked her from his Facebook page.

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