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Military care plea for blast photographer Giles Duley

image captionMr Duley was with US troops when the incident happened
The parents of a photographer who was seriously injured in a bomb blast in Afghanistan say they want him to be treated with injured service personnel.
Giles Duley, 39, lost both legs and an arm after he stepped on a roadside bomb. He is in a critical condition at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.
His father Ray, from East Coker in Somerset, said they wanted him to be moved to Headley Court.
The MOD said the rehabilitation centre only treated military personnel.
But Mr Duley said he would like his son to be treated alongside other people with similar injuries and that the armed forces' centre would have better facilities to treat him.
He did however praise the care his son had received in hospital and by the Army, saying they had been constantly informed of his progress.

'Thrown in air'

Originally from Somerset but lately living in Hastings, East Sussex, Mr Duley was in Afghanistan to take photographs of bomb victims.
He had been to Kabul Hospital where he had taken photographs of people injured by both Taliban and Nato force's bombs.
When the incident happened on 7 February, he was embedded with American troops in Kandahar Province.
His father said: "He was walking around and stood on a pressure plate and, in his own words, he was 'thrown in the air' and he came down on the floor badly injured.
"It was a bit of a shock for us all of course, but he is determined to make it.
"He hasn't had a lot of time in the real world as he's been under anaesthetic and on morphine, but when we have heard from him, his spirits are good."
Mr Duley said his son, who has spent 10 years working as an editorial photographer for publications including Vogue, the Sunday Times and Rolling Stone, was keen to get back to work.

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