Glastonbury Festival goers offered green toilet rolls

Glastonbury Festival toilet
Image caption Organisers have promised there will be enough toilet rolls to go round

Free toilet roll will be provided for revellers at Glastonbury Festival in a bid to boost recycling rates.

More than 100,000 free recycled rolls will be handed out to drive up recycling rates from 49% last year to this year's target of 60%.

Glastonbury boss, Michael Eavis said: "There will be more than enough for everyone and more importantly it will be the right kind of loo roll."

He has teamed up with a manufacturer who will provide the free rolls.

Other plans have also been announced to make the festival more environmentally friendly.

People who cycle to the festival will have access to a special camping area and will also be offered discount vouchers at the food stalls.

A recycling barn will also be set up for festival goers to drop off cans, bottles and packaging. A team of 80 volunteers will sort and separate it out for recycling.

The festival runs from 23 to 26 June and coincides with Recycle Week 2011.

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