Minehead councillors quit over Wales ferry study vote

Two councillors in Minehead have resigned after their colleagues voted against a study to see if the Somerset town could have a ferry crossing to Wales.

Three members of the town council wanted to bid for money to undertake a feasibility study, but were out-voted by six members last week.

John Clyde-Smith and Steve Pickard said they thought the crossing would boost tourism in west Somerset.

Both have resigned from the council.

'Other avenues'

Mr Clyde-Smith said the working group would not give up on the plans.

"It was going to be a feasibility study and a survey that we would put to the people of Minehead, probably through a mail survey, and we still plan on doing this," he said.

"Our working group has stayed together, we're still intact and we're going to pursue other avenues because I've had such a great response from the people of Minehead as a result of the publicity we've had for this ferry."

Les Smith, who voted against the study, said: "Culver Cliff is an old historic part of the town and I can see that a car ferry, which is the proposal, would cause an awful lot of trouble with queuing down the Quay Street.

"I dislike it from that point of view, when I think there are alternative possibilities they could be looking at."

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