Watchet coastguard warns of river danger

Coastguards have warned people not to enter the water at a Somerset beach.

The water is more than 4m (13ft) deep in some places at West Street Beach in Watchet, where the Washford River flows to the sea.

Simon Bale, from Watchet Coastguard Rescue Team, said the coastline was "forever changing".

"On low water it looks relatively calm but beneath the surface there are some very strong undercurrents," he said.

"From some investigations last week it was found to be up to 4m deep with the actual current taking you under the rock.

"We haven't seen it to that extent there before and the coastline is forever changing.

"Daily, it's changing down there, not only with regards to the river and where it exits but also with the silt and the mud that comes all the way down the Severn Estuary."

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