Mendip council tax single person discount checks raise £350k

More than £350,000 of additional council tax revenue has been created following a review of the single person discount in part of Somerset.

Mendip District Council said 3,256 of the 15,945 people claiming the 25% discount were reviewed and as a result 645 had their discount removed.

The council would get 10% of this and the cash would be used to boost frontline services, a spokeswoman said.

She said regular checks would be made on those claiming the discount.

"This year we have implemented a more rigorous review process than previously and the success rate for detection has improved by over 5%.

"We hope to continue carrying out these reviews so that Mendip residents get this discount where they are eligible for it," the council spokeswoman added.

The council tax bill assumes two adults are living in a household.

If only one person lives there as their main residence then they are eligible for the 25% discount.

Of the money collected 80% goes to Somerset County Council - the remainder is divided between the local authority, parish councils, police and fire services.

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