Baby blown into Watchet Harbour water by gust of wind

George Reeder
Image caption George Reeder jumped in and saved the baby

A baby boy has been rescued by fishermen and a marina dock master after his pushchair was blown into the water by a gust of wind, police said.

The six-month-old was swept into the water at Watchet Harbour, Somerset, at 08:00 GMT on Sunday.

Avon and Somerset Police said he was airlifted to hospital for treatment.

A force spokesman said the condition of the baby was no longer believed to be life-threatening.

Dock master George Reeder said he dashed to the water's edge after hearing screaming and saw the child's upturned pushchair in the water.

The 63-year-old said: "The mother was there and she said 'my baby has gone in the water', so I went to the edge and I could see the pushchair upside down, floating away.

"I just jumped in and pulled the pushchair back over to the edge of the quay and then somebody put a rope down and I tied it on and they lifted it out.

"As far as I know, what the police told me was that the wind blew the buggy in."

He added: "The baby was still in the pushchair, it was very cold, it is amazing really because he must have been in there for a good five minutes under the water.

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Media captionGeorge Reeder tells 5 live how he saved a baby from the icy sea

"They pulled up the pushchair and a lady started doing CPR, and then the Coastguard came, and the ambulance and the police, so I backed out the way."

Mr Reeder said the child's grandfather told him later that he was out of intensive care.

He said: "The poor mother, she'll probably never get over something like that, it's your worst nightmare."

A police spokesman said: "It is believed a gust of wind blew the buggy with the child in it into the water."

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