University of Bath opens autism summer school

image captionAutistic students will be given a taste of student life over the two days at the University of Bath

A summer school is due to open at the University of Bath to attract autistic students into higher education.

Issues which may put off prospective students will be covered such as stress and anxiety and how to build social skills while living away from home.

Dr Mark Brosnan said: "It can be very anxiety-inducing this transition of being at home in a structured environment to going to university."

Thirty places will be available at the summer school which opens in September.

"We are particularly targeting those who are thinking of going to university so we are talking about the higher-functioning end of the spectrum," said Dr Brosnan, who is running the course.

"There are some very specific needs there - they can be extremely academically gifted and would do extraordinarily well on the academic side but may need additional support on the social side," he added.

The two-day course will be free to those who have been diagnosed with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Dr Brosnan hopes to expand the summer school and hold it every year, if funding can be secured.

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