Mendip play areas set to be re-organised by council

Unused playgrounds in Mendip are set to be dismantled and returned as public open spaces by the district council.

Equipment in playgrounds which is not used will be removed and the council will focus on maintaining the most popular spots instead.

Funds are insufficient to ensure every play area has up to date equipment and is "maintained to a standard we would like", Councillor John Parham said.

The council currently looks after 60 playgrounds across the district.

Mr Parham said the plan would "benefit Mendip's youngsters through more modern and inspiring play areas".

"This review of the play strategy will see us using our limited resources to update and improve the most popular play areas in Mendip," he said.

The council said it was also going to see if some streets could be closed off temporarily to allow children to play close to home, in places where there are no playgrounds nearby.

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