Memorial held for 'Angry Bob' the grumpy swan

Angry Bob
Image caption 'Angry Bob' was famous for being unable to woo potential mates

A grumpy swan who spurned multiple potential love interests has had a memorial service held in his honour.

The ceremony for 'Angry Bob' was held after a large online response to a post announcing his death on the Facebook page of Hestercombe House in Somerset.

The swan's temperament even inspired a poem which was read at the memorial.

Philip White, from Hestercombe House, said: "He could be difficult and cantankerous but you had to love him because he was so independent."

Image caption Locals came to remember the beloved swan

About 20 people attended the memorial service, which was held on Thursday next to Pear Pond where the swan had lived.

One person said: "It was quite sad, and a bit of a shock, but may he rest in peace."

Another added: "I never saw him as a really grumpy swan, I heard the stories, but he was such a character and we'll miss him."

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'Angry Bob' made national headlines in 2010 when he was accused of killing his first mate and driving two more away.

Staff at Hestercombe House said they had no idea of his popularity.

"We just imagined visitors avoided him," said volunteer Ben Whitworth. "An awful lot of people found him utterly bewitching."

Image caption The swan's memorial is in place at Hestercombe House

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