Fox cub gets head stuck in mayonnaise jar

Fox gets head stuck in mayonnaise jar Image copyright Donna Love
Image caption The cub was rolling around with a jar on its head in the early hours of Thursday

A fox cub has been rescued in Yeovil after getting its head stuck in a mayonnaise jar overnight.

The creature is thought to have been investigating the contents of recycling boxes left out overnight ahead of the weekly collection.

Rescuer, Donna Love, said: "I proceeded to rub some olive oil around his neck and the jar and we spent around 20 minutes trying to ease it off."

She added that the cub, seemed "calm" and unharmed after its adventure.

'Soft and fluffy'

"We couldn't get it past his ears really, he was literally running around and the noise I could hear was the jar dragging around on the floor.

"He obviously couldn't lift it up, he was only young," she added.

The cub was taken to the garage where Mrs Love and her partner tried to free him from the 400g jar.

"He was very soft and fluffy.

"I don't know if he was scared but even after we took the jar off, he just stood there, so my partner lifted him up and carried him up the drive, we put him down and away he went," she said.

Mrs Love added that local wildlife were attracted by the rubbish left out for the Thursday collection rounds.

"Driving through the estate I have seen badgers heading towards recycling bins and foxes also, so they do come onto the estate from the field areas.

"They seem to know when recycling night is.

"It does make me very conscious that if you leave your waste around, it does have a potential impact on wildlife," she added.

A spokesman for Somerset Waste Partnership said it was important to "rinse out all containers, squash everything - if possible - except glass and aerosols, stack boxes with the locked food bin on top, and put recycling out by 7am".

He added that such incidents were "rare".

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