RSPCA probe after rabbit Colin has ears 'burnt off'


A pet rabbit had its ears mutilated while its owners were on holiday.

Natalie Hall, her partner and children returned to their home in Scawthorpe, South Yorkshire, to discover Colin's ears reduced to stumps.

Ms Hall said she believed someone had burnt off part of his ears.

Her daughter Ella, eight, said she was "upset, sad and disappointed". "I just hope that they don't do it again to another rabbit," she added. The RSPCA is investigating.

Ms Hall said Colin was discovered with the injuries by a neighbour who was looking after him while the family were on holiday.

She said she was "absolutely devastated" and it had been difficult telling her children what had happened to their much-loved pet.

"Who on earth would do something like that?

"It's just awful, bless him," she told BBC Look North.

"How anyone could want to do this is beyond me."

Ella said: "I never thought that would happen.

"It's not a thing you would see every day. I got halfway down the garden and I just ran back to the door and started crying.

"My mum came up to me and I was crying. It was upsetting."

She said her Colin was "fun and really furry", but was scared now because of what had happened to him.

"I just want him to be back to normal. We don't know if he's in pain or anything. I hope he's not."

The RSPCA confirmed it was investigating the attack.

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