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'Poo-powered' vans hit the streets of Sheffield

One of the "poo-powered" council vans
Image caption It is hoped the alternative fuel would lead to a reduction in emissions

"Poo-powered" vans will soon be seen on the streets of Sheffield in an attempt by the city council to encourage sustainable motoring.

The six vans run on biogas generated from the raw sewage treatment process.

The council is currently trialling a variety of eco-friendly alternatives for fuel for its fleet of vehicles.

It said its low carbon, low emission vehicles were a "practical alternative to petrol and diesel to reduce Sheffield's carbon footprint".

The vans, despite being powered by fuel created from sewage, do not smell unpleasant.

Kelda Water and its sister company Yorkshire Water are providing the council with the biogas, produced from their sewage treatment works in Sheffield.

A spokesman for Kelda Water said: "This technology is still new to the UK and has been shown to have considerable potential to power cars.

"By working in partnership with Sheffield City Council we hope to show that we can successfully convert waste into a sustainable fuel source for vehicles, which will help to reduce carbon emissions.

"Should the trial go as expected then the prospects for using biomethane in more vehicles is exciting and offers lots of potential."

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