South Yorkshire police officers to deflate tyres

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A device to deflate vehicle tyres in police pursuits will be used by all frontline officers in South Yorkshire.

South Yorkshire Police said it had bought StopSticks for all operational vehicles and frontline staff to use.

StopSticks deflate tyres in about 30-seconds by using quill-style spikes to penetrate the tyre, before breaking off and leaving several holes.

The force said it hoped StopSticks would bring pursuits to swift and safe conclusions.

Insp Craig Clifton said: "Because StopStick is so safe to handle it will allow us to train a lot more people rather than just a select few and therefore a lot more cars can carry them, which can only be a good thing.

"I am confident we will see a reduction in the number of lengthy pursuits."

Insp Clifton said previously only certain officers were trained to use Stingers, a similar device, and they were often travelling in the car pursuing the vehicle and unable to deploy the device.

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