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Three-year-old Barnsley boy gets own pub dartboard

A three-year-old boy is proving such a darts prodigy he has had a special low-level board installed at his parents' local pub in Barnsley.

Alfie Bagnall has been fascinated with darts since the age of 18 months, and attracts a crowd when he plays at The Royal Oak in Hoyland.

Mother Clare said: "He wouldn't eat, wouldn't sleep, everything was darts, darts, darts."

Landlady Liz Hirst said she wanted to encourage his talent.

She said: "We used to put a dart board on a chair for him, then we decided to put up a lower board, we wanted to encourage him.

"Every time he comes in the first thing he does is he wants darts.

"Everyone just thinks he's brilliant, they've never seen anyone that age throw darts like that.

"He gets a lot of triple 20s, if you ask him to get a double 12 or any number he can and I've seen him get 180s quite a few times.

"We look forward to him coming in, everyone wants to watch him have a game."

Grandad Peter Lindley said he introduced Alfie to the sport.

He said: "He just used to sit and watch it on TV for hours and hours, he just got fascinated with darts."

Alfie's parents say he could have a future as a professional player.

Mrs Bagnall added: "The health visitor said it was a phase, it would pass, but it never did."

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