Sharrow Pie Experiment uses food to help community

image captionThe Sharrow Pie Experiment will run until September

A project in Sheffield is using apple pie to help bring a community closer together.

The Sharrow Pie Experiment is being run from a former shop on London Road and is intended to help people "think", "chat" and be "inspired" over a free slice of pie and a drink.

Supervisor Amanda Ganley said: "Hopefully people will get a bit of inspiration to think about what they would like to change or see in their community and maybe make connections with other people who want the same thing. And then could set a spark going and it could spread."

The project, which will be paid for by St Mary's Church for six months, has already attracted more than 100 members of the community.

Alex Barber, who entered the shop out of curiosity, said: "I came in to see what people were up to. Sharrow is a very diverse community and an outlet like this gives people an opportunity for people to come in, meet one another, discover other things happening in the area."

The shop will also be the base for various free workshops which will be held throughout the six month trial.

Local resident Laura Stewart approached the group with an idea of teaching English as a foreign language.

She said: "I wanted to bring it to a wider audience and offer free classes to people around the Sharrow Vale area. The guys at the Sharrow Pie Experiment really got me going and encouraged me. Sometimes that is all you need."

The Sheffield project is based on an idea which was originally developed in Alabama, America, called The Pie Lab.

The Sharrow Pie Experiment is open Monday to Friday from 0930 to 1530 BST.

The shop will remain open until September and will be reviewed by the group as to whether it will continue.

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