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Doncaster Council talks on 4% pay cut proposal

About 7,000 staff at Doncaster Council could face a 4% pay cut, if proposals to change workers' terms and conditions are agreed.

Doncaster Council said the decision to cut pay would save about £6.2m per year and between 200 and 250 jobs.

Chief Executive Rob Vincent said "deep discussions with the unions to find the best possible balance" had been held.

Jim Board from Unison said members had shown "anxiety and fear" about the plan.

Doncaster Council said workers who were paid up to £15,000, along with staff at schools, would not be affected.

'Least possible damage'

As part of the proposals, overtime pay and monetary long service awards would be withdrawn.

Mr Vincent said: "In the last two months we've been in deep discussions with the unions to find the best possible balance which causes the least possible damage to the lives of our staff.

"It's about balance and it's very hard. We're having to save about £70m over four years.

"We're losing a lot of jobs, eventually it will be around 1,500 jobs that will go.

"It's about making sure that we don't lose more jobs than what we have to and we don't damage services more than we have to.

Mr Board said Unison members were "fearful for their futures".

He said: "Our members are going to react very badly to this.... (it) comes on top of two years of pay freezes, additional pension contributions and the rising cost of living.

"I can't rule out that there won't be industrial action but we need to talk to our members next week."

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