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Hillsborough Forum charity in liquidation

A charity that worked to improve streets and support businesses in part of Sheffield has folded after it ran out of funds.

Hillsborough Forum was set up in 2002 and became a charity in 2006.

Its volunteers helped to clean up the area after it suffered heavy floods in 2007 and turned derelict land into the Holme Lane Community Garden.

The charity said it could no longer afford its £20,000 a year rent and running costs.

A statement released by the trustees said it had a "liquidity crisis in spite of all attempts we are unable to solve".

'Such a shame'

They added: "We are proud of our past successes and thank everyone who has been a part of this project over time."

The charity was funded by the government's Single Regeneration Budget until 2008, and has since relied on local authority funding for individual projects and volunteer fundraising.

Wendy Wells, the charity's project officer, said the situation was "terrible" and "such a shame".

"We did get some funding from the council but as the council faces their own financial crisis they have had to pull back on how much they can spend," she said.

"We have got 150 businesses in Hillsborough if they all subscribed £5 a month or £5 a week we'd be rolling, we'd be able to get loads done, but businesses themselves are facing massive problems and it's difficult for them to even pay their own rent at the moment.

"I think the biggest thing that people are going to notice is that there's no Hillsborough in Bloom this year."

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