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Adam Jones Qatar custody: Mother calls on government for help

A mother from Sheffield who says her 13-year-old son is being held in Qatar by her ex-husband's family has asked the government to come up with a plan of action to get him back.

Rebecca Jones said her son, Adam, was taken by relatives in 2009.

Ms Jones said she met with the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office on Tuesday to ask for help.

The 45-year-old said she also wants Prime Minister David Cameron to speak to the prime minister of Qatar.

Ms Jones said Adam had been taken by her ex-husband's family during a visit to Qatar in 2009.

'Beg for freedom'

She said Adam had written to Prince Charles and David Cameron earlier this year, and it was "heart-breaking" to see her son beg for his freedom.

In a letter to David Cameron, Adam wrote: "I think nobody cares about me. I beg you not to forget about me. Please let me go home to my family."

She said the prime minister had expressed his concerns and said he would "do his best", but Ms Jones said he needed to act now.

"David Cameron has the power, the authority and the contact with the Qatar prime minister.

"He needs to speak to him, meet him, and to try to seek a resolution, for Adam's sake."

She said she did not have the power to get her son back because his 80-year-old grandmother won custody of him in Qatar.

She said she had failed to gain custody of him at two previous legal hearings in Qatar.

'Desperate for home'

Speaking to the BBC's Today programme on Tuesday, Ms Jones said her son was "locked in a room and not allowed outside" because of large amounts of money and land he had inherited following his father Jamal Al Madhaiki's death.

She said he was "unhappy, depressed, confused" and "desperate to come home".

Ms Jones was divorced from her husband when he died in a motorbike accident in 2005.

Ms Jones said she sees her son twice a week, flying from Bahrain where she currently lives, to Qatar but was not able to take Adam out of the house during her visits.

"It is soul-destroying to see your children so unhappy," Ms Jones said.

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