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Doncaster residents call for police action on prostitutes

People living on a Doncaster street have said prostitutes are making their lives a misery and are calling on the police to do more about the problem.

Residents on Thorne Road claim the number of women working on the street has increased since 2000.

Dene Flannigan, who owns a hotel on the road, described the situation as a "living nightmare".

South Yorkshire Police said it was taking the situation seriously and targeting the men who use prostitutes.

'Out of control'

Home and business owners have launched a petition calling on the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright to make dealing with the problem a priority.

Mr Flannigan, who has lived on the street since 1973, said there had always been a problem with sex workers in the area, but said the situation was "now out of control".

He said the police attempt to move the women on but they just "hide in gardens" and are "back again in five or 10 minutes".

Sgt Steve Butler, from South Yorkshire Police, said the force was looking at solutions such as ASBOs as prostitutes could not be jailed.

He said the force was also targeting the men who used prostitutes through an education course.

He said: "We do take it very seriously and there are massive penalties for men who are in the area cruising around to pick up women."

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