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Cyclists urge action on Sheffield tram track crashes

Cyclist near tram tracks in Sheffield Image copyright Cycle Sheffield
Image caption Campaign group CycleSheffield say people are being put off cycling in Sheffield for fear of having an accident when riding near tram tracks

Cyclists have called for action to prevent tram track accidents after claiming more than 200 crashes had occurred in the past two years.

Campaign group CycleSheffield said a lack of safety provision by Sheffield City Council is putting people off.

A total of 228 incidents have been reported to the group since 2014.

Sheffield City Council said accidents are an issue for any city with a tram service but that it was looking in to "possible solutions" in some areas.

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Ian Carey, from CycleSheffield, said a number of the accidents had resulted in "very serious injuries".

"This demonstrates an ongoing and serious problem," he said.

"CycleSheffield is calling for the Sheffield City Council to take action to reduce tram track accidents.

"25 years ago we were campaigning for this. We were not listened to then and the result is we've got lots of people getting seriously injured and it is putting people off cycling in Sheffield."

One cyclist told BBC Radio Sheffield catching a bike wheel on the track was "like hitting black ice or an oil patch, you're down before you know what's happened".

A spokesman for the council said it was keen to work with cyclists in the city to improve safety on the roads.

He said the council had investigated specific areas where accidents have occurred and "will soon be in a position to report on the best possible solutions".

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive said half of the city's 29km (18 mile) tram network runs on the road and urged cyclists to "take extra care" near the tracks.

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